Learn To How Concentrate Better

Improve Your Mind with Better Concentration Skills:

We all experience having trouble concentrating at one time or another. The reason some people are better at focus and concentration than others is this: Practice. That’s right! Practice concentrating on simple things, and it gets easier to concentrate on everything! The tools in this article will help get you started. Any time you practice a new habit every day for 30 days, you improve that skill. Concentration is a skill just like riding a bike or learning to type. Practice, as the wise masters always say, makes perfect!

One of my favorite Meditation Tools:

The Labyrinth:

You can make these yourself, large enough to walk, or small enough to simply trace with your finger. Some are really exquisite and detailed (and beautiful!)

This is a pack of 8 short audios I have created to improve concentration skills. One is a general focus meditation, and the others cover 7 specific areas people generally have trouble with when trying to concentrate. These audios help you get past each obstacle by listening to them over and over again. By learning to practice the techniques in each audio, you not only learn to concentrate more effectively, but these common problems which can get in our way are also diminished significantly.

Zero Limits:

The Ho’Oponopono Story:

Discover how Dr. Hew Len healed an entire ward of deeply disturbed psychiatric patients using only his mind! Talk about concentration! This book outlines how he did it using an ancient Hawaiian technique. Simple statements, with deep concentration, can be very powerful.

How to Get Clear:

It’s about freeing up your mind:

Letting go of brain clutter is a fun exercise. I enjoy listening to Pat O’Bryan and Joe Vitale’s Clearing Audio . There are three versions: One is music only, one is music with binaural beats, one is music plus binaural beats and Joe voicing some affirmations. The binaural beats are covered by the music, but to me, after using both with and without, the one with binaural beats is much more effective. It is not just for clearing. The affirmations coupled with the other effects leave me feeling energized AND clear. This is really helpful for me.